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What do ladders and accounting have in common?

Both should:

Would your family say the above is true of your accounting?

What are the three rungs of the "accounting ladder"?

1st rung: What are your numbers? In order, complete, accurate, usable,... this is where we start! No more stress at reporting/tax time. 

2nd rung: What do your numbers mean? How's your business doing? Are you making progress towards your goals? What stories do your financials tell?

3rd rung: How can we impact your future numbers? Seize opportunity! Avoid catastrophe. Optimize. Set and work towards meaningful goals!

Each rung is important! To which do you have access? 

Is your accounting serving you well? Are you on all three rungs? If not, I'd love to interact, learn about your business, and see if I could serve you!